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Approved email is an essential channel to connect with hard-to-reach HCPs and extending face-to-face conversations without compromising compliance. With Veeva approved email, a single source of compliant materials can be used to ensure that only approved content is sent to Health Care Professionals.

Email growth has increased 5x since the start of 2020 and the need to create more, brand-consistent content has arisen amongst a global pandemic. Approved email increases productivity through frequency, expands access to HCPs and achieves 10 times higher open rates than mass emails.

The ShamanGo Email Editor makes it fast and easy to create Veeva Approved Emails. By using ShamanGo and its drag-&-drop email builder, you can prepare Email Templates and Email Fragments, add Dynamic Tokens and directly sync them to Veeva Vault Promomats. This way, your sales team always has new and interesting email content to send out.

Main benefits of using the ShamanGo Email Editor:

  • Create a responsive html email using a drag-&-drop editor - no coding needed

  • Create highly visual emails by adding images, video, buttons and much more

  • Use a default email template to kickstart your process

  • Reuse your existing email visuals from the library

  • Export as PDF for your approval process

  • Directly sync to Veeva Vault Promomats using the Vault API

The process to create a new email:

  1. Create new/ duplicate existing email template or fragment

  2. Add email details

  3. Create the email layout with the email editor - based on template if you want

  4. Sync or export to Veeva Vault Promomats

Email details

Every Email Template or Fragment has a set of required details, such as associated product/brand, country, language and email details like subject line, name and email of the sender.

Email details

Learn more about the email details page

HTML editor

Shaman offers a drag-and-drop html builder so you can easily create a great looking email. Every product/brand has a separate library of images for reuse. And you can save emails as templates, making it easy for everybody to quickly create new email versions, whilst keeping your image consistent.

HTML Editor

Learn more about the html editor.

Export the email

If you have set-up the Vault API sync, you can sync the created email template/ fragment directly into Vault Promomats, using your Vault credentials.
Otherwise, you can export as PDF file (eg for MLR review) or as Zip package with the html. Some clients have an additional Manifest export.

Export options

Learn more about export options.

Want to read about a success story?

Read this infographic by Veeva on how a Global Biopharma achieved success with compliant rep triggered emails below.

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