Use of Approved Email has increased significantly over the last year. It is a great new channel for pharma marketers and sales reps to connect with their audience.

With Approved Email you can leverage the personal aspect. The email was sent to the customer from a known sender. Open rates will be higher accordingly. Anybody is more likely to open an email from a person he or she knows.

What are common cases to use Approved Email? In essence, reps can send an email:

  • Before a personal call (like an Remote invite, sending info before the call)

  • After the personal call (follow-up, send more information on topics discussed

  • Marketing events - like an invite for a webinar or congress

  • Product update - new information related to the product

  • Other - like news about the therapeutic area

ShamanGo makes it easy to create email templates, tokens (for personalisation) and email fragments (for more personalisation).

Some examples of usages for approved email are:

Before the call

  • Sending out a meeting invitation (remote meeting) or reminder

  • Sending information or meeting details prior to it happening

  • Sending information or reference data while conducting or in the meeting

After the call

  • Sending out the materials used and the topics discussed in the meeting

  • Product key messages

  • Email on Product Information/ Important Safety Information (PI page)

  • Email Study / Article content (Study page, reference page)

  • A (Veeva) survey

  • Contact information

Marketing events

  • Online campaign

  • Education program

  • Invite webinar

  • Invite congress

  • Invite for online HCP platform

  • Request form

  • Podcast series

  • Newsletter

Product update

  • New studies

  • New indications

  • New applicators, dosing


  • Health care news

  • Company news

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