On the Email Details Page you will find the following sections:

Email Details

Veeva requires specific data to create an email template or fragment. This information helps to identify and share the email. These are the fields you have to provide:

  • Email name (enter the name of the document)

  • Product/Brand pick list (select to associate the email with a product/brand)

  • Country pick list (select to associate the email with a country)

  • Language pick list (select to associate the email with a language)

  • Description (next to a name, an email can have a description field (optional))

  • Expiry date (the end date of validity of the email. After this date users can't select/ use this email anymore. MLR related)

Video of adding email details

Email Fields

Data provided here is usually what can be seen on emails:

  • Subject line: Define the subject line clients will see. You can add tags (dynamic tokens) to personalise the subject line for more impact

  • From name: Sender name clients will see. This can be a static name like the company name. If you want to use the name of the person sending the email (usually the sales rep) click the link 'sales user' to populate the appropriate token

  • From email: Sender email clients will see. Again, can be static (eg info@ address) or dynamic using the User token

  • Reply to name: If client replies the email, this name will be show. Can be static or dynamic

  • Reply to email: If client replies the email, it will be sent to this address. Can be static or dynamic

Adding tokens to the subject line:

Click sales user to populate username token:

Video of adding email fields

Email Fragments

Email fragments are small pieces that can be added to an email template. By default, "restrict email fragments to product/brand" is enabled, which means, only fragments linked to the same product/brand as the template can be added by the sales rep.

If you want to further limit the email fragments a sales rep can add, you can define specific fragments here. You can add all the fragments created in the email fragment section that have the status 'synced'. Learn more about Veeva Email Templates and Fragments

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