The html email editor offers 3 menu's on the right side of the screen. This article is about Content; adding a text box.

To add a text box, from your HTML email editor, click and drag the text icon from the right to a block in the content area.

When you click in the box and the format menu will appear, allowing you to customize your text. You can also add merge Veeva tags.

You can also make a text clickable by selecting the text you want to make clickable and then click the link icon.

A dialogue box will come up. You can add a url to create a link to a webpage. Please add http(s):// to make it work

You can also select Send email to create a link that will open a new email. Optionally you can include a prepopulated subject line:

See a video of how to style text of a text box

When you click the text box, some additional settings will show in the right side:

Notable in this section:

  • Line height: for great readability keep it between 140%-200%

  • Padding: use a similar padding for text boxes throughout your email. Most common is a padding of 10-20px.

For padding you can set different values per side. Maybe you like a bit more whitespace at the top or bottom Click 'more options' to get access to value per side:

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