The html email editor offers 3 menu's on the right side of the screen. This article is about Content; adding an image.

To add an image, from your HTML email editor, click and drag the image icon from the right to a block in the canvas.

Click on the image box and the settings for image will appear on the right side. The first step is to select an image: click upload image.

Now you can choose from the already uploaded images in the (product/brand) library. Note: uploaded images will automatically be stored in the library of the selected product/brand of the email. They will be available in other emails - for the same product/brand - and for other users as well.

If the image is not uploaded yet, you click upload in the right corner to upload from your computer.

When you select the image you see other settings in the right side.

Things to consider:

  • 'If you want to change the size of the image, disable auto width. Now you can move the slider and change the size

  • Align the image to the left, center or right

  • You can make the image clickable by adding a URL in the action section. Please add the complete URL to make it work, eg:

  • If you want the image to fit the outside area of the image box, set padding to 0

Note: please do not use the Apply Effects and More button as it currently doesn't work with the library.

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