Html offers a great opportunity to make your email more visual and attractive. A basic understanding of html anatomy will really help to get the most out of your layout and designs.

1. Canvas & Background Color:

You start with a canvas that has a background colour - filled 100% width depending on the screen of the device - and a main content area. This content areas usually has a width of 600-650px and will scale for smaller screens like a phone (in that case you will not see the background color). You can set the content width in the tab: body.

2. Tables & Rows:

Within the main content area you can organise html as tables. For larger 'rows' you use blocks. Within these blocks you can define a background color and a content background color.

3. Top & Bottom Padding

To create a bit of space on the top, you can set top-padding, which means the space within block1 between top edge and content. Similarly, you can add space at the bottom for block2 by setting bottom-padding.

Within every block you can add multiple content items, like an image, text, divider or a button. Per content item you can add padding as well.

4. Columns per block

Lastly, you are able to select the number of columns per block and set the width for each block. In this case, we created 2 columns in block2.

In most cases, you will add an image at the top, and a footer at the bottom.

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