Naming your slide consistently has many benefits, the most important one being consistent reporting of slide usage in Veeva CRM. Especially with cross country reporting over time, a consistent naming taxonomy is needed.


Set-up of the naming taxonomy usually happens during configuration of the account. As we like naming to be consistent, usually we configure this once. If you have admin access to your account, you can create or change this yourself.


Shaman will create the slide name and slide description fields based on the naming settings. Components can we presentation-wide or slide specific, they can be picklist or free text field related. An example could look like this:




related to


divider char



auto incremented index

slide, auto


abbreviation of product Xirion

selected product (presentation)


abbreviation of marketing code

picklist (per slide)

Patient journey

description of content

free text (per slide)



selected language (presentation)

Add slide naming

Once you have created your presentation and it is ready to publish, you need to provide the input for slide naming. Go to the settings menu and select Slide Naming.

You see an overview of all slides and the configured fields to generate the naming. Please go through the list and add information as requested.

You can use the filters to see only slides with missing information.

Make sure to click "Done" to store your data.

If all slides have some value in common, you can set the value once, for all slides. Scroll to the top of the page and enable 'input for all slides' for a value, then select or enter the value:

See a short video:

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