The html email editor offers 3 menu's on the right side of the screen. This article is about the Body. We advise to start your email design by setting these general settings.

Main items:

  • background color: this is the area outside the content area. On mobile, you will not see this area. It is preferred to select a light color and keep the attention at the content area.

  • content width: the width of the main content area. Best practice is to keep this between 600px - 700px

  • default font family: you can define the fonts in the text content area. But this will define the default font, eg when you add new text content.

  • link color and underline: default color of link text. You can change this per block later.

You can select a color by either adding a hexidecimal color code, add the RGB values, select a preselected color or use the color area.

You can dismiss the selected color by changing it or by clicking the dismiss cross.

Here's a video of where to locate your general setting preferences:

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