For content reporting In Veeva CRM, the CRM Key Message Name and Description are important identifiers for internal content usage reporting. That's why it is important to set up a structure for consistent key message naming.

ShamanGo Slide Naming

In ShamanGo, select Settings in the menu and then select Naming. In this section, you configure your slide naming structure.

Construct the Key Message Name

If you want to use naming options, first enable naming settings. You will see these options.

You can construct the format for the name. In this example, it will consist of Name (text field) and the Product/Brand Code, an abbreviation you need to add per product/brand in the list below. With the separator '_', the end result can look like this:

Example name_XIR

name: text entered: Example name
product/brand code: XIR as the abbreviation of Xirion

You can change the elements that should be part of the name by clicking Change:

You can select from these elements:





Text field (manual)

per slide

Product/brand code

Abbreviation from product/brand list

per presentation (product/brand)

Country code

Abbreviation from the country list

per ShamanGo account

Language code

Abbreviation from the language list

per presentation (language)

Marketing code

Picklist, manage on naming page

per slide

HQ number (optional)

Text field (manual)

per slide

Digital internal numbers

Automated numbering, set number of digits

auto, per slide

Key message code

Picklist, manage on naming page

per slide


Text field (manual)

per slide

Please note that there are some character limits in element creation.

Marketing code: name 256 characters, abbreviation 32 characters.

Language code: name 256 characters, abbreviation 5 characters.

You change the separator. You can change the order by moving the elements:

Construct the Key Message Description

You can either determine to duplicate CRM Key Message Name for CRM Key Message Description, or decide to have a specific description name for reporting. In that case, toggle Duplicate slide name to No.

Now the similar options to construct the format for description appear.

Manage your pick lists

You can set the values for your pick lists in the list overview on the same page. First, select the list you want to create or update.

NB: the country, product/brand and language list are managed on the page Vault in the settings menu. If your account is linked to your Vault by API connection you cannot update the product/brand list manually - instead, you need to sync.

You can however add and update the abbreviation for these lists. Click the pencil button to add or update the abbreviation of the product/brand name. If this value is empty, the sync will stop and show a message to add an abbreviation.

For the other pick lists (marketing code, key message code) you can create, edit and delete the values of the picklist completely in this list.

Make pick lists product/brand dependent

Maybe you want to restrict picklist values depending on the selected brand? This is possible in ShamanGo. Scroll down on the slide naming page and toggle Make lists product/brand dependent to Yes.

You see a complete list of all marketing code/ key message code options and you determine per brand which values you want to include in the picklist. Select the brand on top of the list, then select all the values you want available for the brand. Want all? Click the button Add All.

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