After you have created the email template or fragment, it usually needs to be approved. For this purpose, you can export the Html design as PDF.

Once you have saved your email template or fragment, generate a PDF by clicking on the export button. You will be directed to a page where you will be presented with several options:

Click the radio button for the PDF file and click the export button. The page will take you back to the email template or fragment page. A pop-up notification will appear if successfully exported, and you will receive the exported PDF file in your email.

Including Fragments in the PDF

If you have fragments in the email template you created, you can also include them in the PDF file you will export for approval. If the fragments were added to the email template details you will automatically see the option to add them when selecting the option PDF file. Check more about creating email fragments here.

Check the video below containing the full process of exporting a PDF file for approval.

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