Approved Email fragments give users flexibility and a higher level of customization when composing emails to HCPs.

Email fragments are pieces of content displayed in the body of the email. They can be arranged by the user to tailor the email to their needs. Like approved emails, email fragments are stored and managed in Veeva Vault to ensure compliance.

Fragments can be:

  • text

  • images

  • links

When creating fragments, keep in mind that they can be shared between different products.

Fragments can be enhanced with email tokens, allowing reps to personalize their emails further. 
Read how to enhance your emails with tokens: Using Veeva tokens.

Email Fragments limitation
You can now set up a minimum and a maximum number of fragments. You can enable and configure this limitation in the properties of the Email fragment block in the html editor. By default the limitation is disabled. If enabled, the minimal or maximal number of fragments the end user can add will be determined by this limitation. As content owner you can add as much fragments to the template as you like, the end user will see all these options but can only add min/max as determined.

When to use these fragment limitations?

Setting a minimal number of fragments (eg to 1) means the email can not be sent unless they choose at least 1 fragment. This will help the Reps send out the most accurate and relevant information to the HCPs. If you set the maximum number to 3, the user will not be able to add more than 3 fragments, and therefore will most likely not overwhelm the Recipient with unnecessary information.

These limits are set individually and according to your company's needs.

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