Audio files can add a nice form of interaction to your presentation. Use the audio interaction element to add audio. From a recording of a medical sound voice, a voice over, a sound effect or an except from a Podcast, adding audio can make create a great experience for your audience.

The audio element accepts mp3 files.

Here's how to add an audio element to your presentation:

  • Open the presentation and navigate to the slide to which you would like to add the Animate In element.

  • Hover your mouse to the Add (+) icon, click Interaction.

  • Click Audio element and the element will be added to your slide.

  • Click on the settings icon and the menu of the element will open from the right side. Name your element then click the upload file button to upload a mp3.

You have the following options:



Upload file

Upload a mp3 file. Make sure the volume is high enough and the file fragment is not too long

Product/Brand color

In the center of the clickable area we render a play button. Here you define the color of the play button.

Show play button

In most cases you want to show the play button so users know where to click. But when you have a button design already in your slide, you can hide the play button


With this feature off, the user has to click to start the audio. When autoplay is on, the audio fragment starts to play once you enter the slide.


Here you can decide to loop the audio file (play again) once finished.

You can add multiple Audio Elements on a single slide.

See in this video how you add an audio element.

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