Your slide might contain an interesting visual. With the Animate Interaction element, you can add animation to this static visual and make it more interesting. How? Just upload one or multiple images on top of your slide and assign an animation for each of them.

Let's take a graph as an example.

You can animate in this graph by uploading a separate image of the entire graph (best: png to use transparency). You can choose from several effects, in this case we used Reveal Left:

We can even make it more interesting by adding different images, each with a separate part of the graph, and add animations over time. In this example we have 3 images: one of the graph x-axis, one of the red line and one of the blue line. Each animation is Reveal Left and we add a delay of 1 second between every animation:

Like every Interaction element, you add the Animate In Element on top of a full content slide:

The files accepted for this element: JPG, PNG with a max size of 2048px - 1536px.

How to create an Animate Element

Follow these steps to add an animate in effect:

  • Open the presentation and navigate to the slide to which you would like to add the Animate In element.

  • Hover your mouse to the Add (+) icon, click Interaction.

  • Click Animate element and the element will be added to your slide.

  • Click on the settings icon and the menu of the element will open from the right side. Name your element then click the upload file button. Select the first image you want to add to your animation.

  • Once the first image is uploaded, you can adjust the size of the Animation element by moving your mouse cursor and resize the area. When your mouse cursor is inside the area, you can drag to reposition the Animate element.

  • Once the first image is inserted, you can determine the animation, using the following options:



Upload image

Upload another image to add to the animation. We advise to use PNGs for transparency


The animate in effect. Select one and see a preview of the effect

Duration (s)

Set the duration for the effect in seconds

Delay (s)

Set the delay for this effect to start

Play with previous

You can either play the animation after the previous image (toggle: off), or together with the previous image (toggle: on).
Note: you don't see this option on the first image.

  • Now you can add another image and repeat the previous steps per image.

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