You can make large images scrollable on a slide using the scroll interaction element. Usually the scrollable content you want add is a large image - too long or too wide for the slide. With the scroll element you add them to your slide, make them partially visible, and you allow the user to scroll through the entire image. Think about scrolling vertically through a very long table, or horizontally through an infographic or process flow chart.

Imagine a table:

The files accepted for this element are .jpg, .png and .pdf.

Here's how to create a scrollable element:

  • Open the presentation and navigate to the slide to which you would like to add the Animate In element.

  • Hover your mouse to the Add (+) icon, click Interaction.

  • Click Scroll element and it will be added to your slide.

  • Click on the settings icon and the menu of the element will open from the right side

  • Click on the settings icon and the menu of the element will open from the right side. Name your element then click the upload file button to upload a large image that you want to make scrollable.

  • Once your element is added to the slide, you can select if you prefer a horizontal or vertical scroll.

  • You can adjust the size of the Scroll element by moving your mouse cursor and resize the area. When your mouse cursor is inside the area, you can drag to reposition the Scroll element.

You have the following options:



Upload image

Upload the image that you want to partially show and scroll through. This can be .jpg, .png or .pdf.


Choose vertical for a vertical scroll of a portrait image, or horizontal for a wide image

Align to

What is the start position of the image you want to scroll?

Scrollbar (Y/N)

Do you want to show or hide the scrollbar?

See a video of how to add a scroll element:

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