Content is King. But how to create interesting content? With the Live Poll Interaction element you offer great content - content that your clients create themselves. With Live Poll you share opinions and knowledge between your clients. Ask a question, and then show live total results for all other clients that have entered an answer before in all meetings - with all sales reps. Clients and sales people love it!

Creating a poll is actually quite simple. Create a question and add multiple answer options. In any meeting, your client can choose from these options. They click on the answer and see a bar chart showing all previous answers. After this, the sales rep and your client can have a discussion about the reasoning behind the answer.

The opportunities with live polls are limitless. You can ask users their opinion on initiate or change of treatment, importance of different factors, drivers and barriers. You can ask poll questions such as: “What do you think, what is most important, what do you do do, what do you think is most common etc. This approach will help you to (1) trigger clients with interesting content, (2) ignite dialogue and (3) break the long content deliveries into more digestible sections.

A live poll element can include one question. Of course you can add multiple live polls to a presentation (use multiple slides).

Please note that the presenter needs to be online during presenting to use the live poll.

Here is how to integrate a live poll:

  • Open the presentation and navigate to the slide to which you would like to add the Animate In element.

  • Hover your mouse to the Add (+) icon, click Interaction.

  • Click Live Poll element and the element will be added to your slide.

  • Click on the settings icon and the menu of the element will open from the right side. Start by naming the interaction element

  • In the General section of the menu you can determine the general settings of the Live Poll, such as:




Select 'one answer' if you allow one answer for the question. Otherwise select 'multiple answers'.

Skip poll text

With this option, you allow (sales)users to bypass the poll and see the results. In this case the poll results will not be changed. Add the hyperlinked text for this feature.

Product/Brand color

Define the color for the buttons and the bar chart

Background color

Define the color for the background

Collected data; reset database

Use this option if you want to remove test data and start again

Disclaimer text

This text will be shown in the left bottom corner. Usually it states that the poll is anonymous, and no personal data is stored.

  • In the Poll content section you can enter the title and answer options. Click the button Add Option if you want to add more answer choices (max 8). Hover over the question to see a delete button to remove it.

That's it. As a final check, test your interactive poll before going live (you can also reset the results at any moment when clicking Reset Database on the General section of the settings menu).

Note about data storage: Live Poll just counts the number of times a certain option was clicked. The app in the CLM takes the answer and sends it the Shaman server, and gets back the total of results. No personal data is stored - whatsoever.

See a video of how to create a live poll element:

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