Would you like the contents or functionality of a live webpage available in your presentation? So you can show an online form directly on a slide, show your marketing website or maybe show a page with all the latest PI and ISF document - without leaving the presentation. You can do just that using the Webpage Interaction Element to display a (part of a) webpage within a slide. This is also referred to as an iframe.

What is an iframe?

Think of it as a digital frame. An iframe allows you to insert and display a framed webpage. Not every page allows to be displayed as an iframe. Website owners may decide to not allow iframing. In this case you will see an error when you add the url in the web page element. If you own the website, please ask your web admin to enable framing from other domains (X-Frame-Options in HTTP response header).

What are the implications?

Some things to consider when using the web page element:

  • The user needs to be online during presenting to show the content/ make use of any online functionality

  • You can make online content with existing functionality easily available (like an education / video platform)

  • You need to understand that content of your slide will change once the webpage changes. Do you control the webpage content or do you trust the owner?

A common use case is an online form or survey:

Or access to current content:

Here is how to add comparison elements to your presentation

  • Open the presentation and navigate to the slide to which you would like to add the comparison element.

  • Move your mouse to the Add (+) icon, then click Interaction.

  • Click Webpage element and the element will be added to your slide.

  • Click on the settings icon and the menu of the element will open from the right side. Name your element.

  • Copy the url of the webpage you want to include on your slide. Make sure you add: https:// or https://

  • The page will now load into the frame as a preview

  • You can adjust the size of the Webpage element by moving your mouse cursor and resize the area. When your mouse cursor is inside the area, you can drag to reposition the Webpage element.

Note: you can choose between a full slide or a custom size for your web object, thus combining it with other information or web objects within one slide.

See a video of how to add a Webpage element:

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