You can quickly translate your email content in Shaman, so you can quickly adapt international content and localize to communicate with HCPs in your own language.

Shaman offers the ability to use Machine Learning (ML) Translation for Email Templates and Fragments. ML Translation speeds up your translation times from source language to target language and help your local team to deploy more quickly.

The translation process takes around 1 minute.

ML Translation in your work flow
ML Translation quality has increased substantially during the past few years. However, it is not 100% accurate yet. It can be the first step in your translation/ localizing process, after which your team needs to do a manual check and make updates. It will however fast track your process and save you a lot of time on initial translation work.

Steps in the ML Translation process

This is closely related to Localisation process with Workareas.

  1. Login Shaman ( and go to the email section.

  2. Click menu > Duplicate to copy the Email Template or Fragment you want to Translate

  3. Click menu > Translate and select your destination language

  4. This Email Template / Fragment will be translated

  5. Go to html editor to open the email and see the result

  6. NB: tokens will be ignored in localisation

Missing a language? We support over 100 languages. Please connect with us at to enable additional languages in your account.

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