What is a Smart Update?

Smart Update is an easy and efficient way to update existing Shaman Cloud presentations. It allows you to add, delete, or change content on the slides of an existing presentation and change it in just a few clicks.

When you upload a new version of the PPT Source File, the update automatically detects and replaces the slides that have been modified. The rest of the contents will remain unchanged. The structure of the presentation, links, and other settings that remain can be used as they have been set up before.

Smart Update in the presentation:

  • Login Shaman (shamancloud.com) and go to your presentation

  • Click settings > Choose source files

  • Search the PPT/PDF file you like to update and click Smart Update

  • Upload your edited PPT/PDF file

  • Shaman will compare the 2 files and show the differences, review the changes

  • Click accept to change the content of your presentation

  • Your content will be updated, but structure and links will remain intact

You can now export the updated presentation. To learn more, click the links below:

Export to Veeva with the Vault API

Export for Veeva Multichannel loader

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