Impacts of Configuration per Role:

  • Admins are users that carry out tasks that require special permissions. On top of the tasks of the User manager, they can make changes to settings or manage system configurations.

  • User Manager is a limited administrative role with administrative privileges that only allows them to define user accounts and relevant privileges and change them as needed. They can add, remove or edit user profiles and add or remove users to an account or work area.

  • Project manager the basic user profile. They can create and sync CLM on the account. They don’t have access to the user options, but they are able to assign and publish presentations to users and user groups. In accounts where there are work areas, additional permissions are needed to view, create, edit and duplicate content

Permissions for a project manager:

A project manager can be assigned to every individual work area or to multiple work areas and can be given permission to some or all rights:

  • Member: user has CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) permissions to all content in the assigned work area

  • View: user can view the content of the work area in the gallery

  • Duplicate: user can duplicate content from that work area to another work area, including source files and master files.

NB: view and duplicate rights relate to the last published version of a presentation.

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