The Shaman Meeting Canvas allows you to organize your slides based on a horizontal and vertical orientation, and additionally group slides on one position (multi-states). This type of structure facilitates dialogue with the client, as it allows you to move quickly in multiple directions throughout your presentation.

Navigating the Meeting Canvas

Independent on how you build your presentation in the meeting canvas, you can export the presentation with a non-linear or linear navigation. The big advantage is that you can still organise your presentation in chapters and have a better overview, while exporting a linear navigation and storyline. This is how the navigation experience will be in both scenario's:

The Multidirectional Swipe option allows you to:

  • Swipe right or left to go to the top slide of the next and previous chapter.

  • Swipe up or down to go through the slides in the same chapter.

On the other hand, the Linear Swipe option allows you to:

  • Swipe left to go back to the previous slide, regardless of whether it is in the same chapter or in the previous chapter.

  • Swipe right to move to the next slide, regardless of whether this is in the same chapter or in the following chapter.

How to set up the navigation type:

  1. Go to your presentation and click the green icon Edit button.

  2. Go to Settings and then select Export Settings

  3. Choose the type of navigation you want to use.

*When there is more content ‘below’ the current slide, the presenter will see an arrow.

Multidirectional swipe

This is the default navigation and allows you to jump between slides to present the main story line (rows) or to go deeper into details (columns or chapters). A Linear Swipe provides the customer an A to B presentation experience. Think of linear and non-linear presentations as the different ways you can tell the same story.

Linear swipe

If you like to stick to linear swiping only, you can change the swiping behavior to lineair swipe. Independent the position of slides in the meeting canvas, it will only allow for linear swiping through the presentation. Swipe right/left will navigate to the next slide, ignoring the meeting canvas chapters.

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