With Back Link you have extended options to manage a link with 'go back' behavior. With these back links you can keep the destination dynamic (eg getting back from one reference slide to the slide you came from). By keeping these links dynamic you can also copy-paste them or use them in a link template, while keeping the destination slide dynamic.

We now offer three different options to 'go back':



Use case

Go to previous state

Normal back behavior

Eg dismiss button on reference as multistate

Go to last slide

Ignore previous states

Eg dismiss button on overview slides with multiple states

Go to last regular slide

Ignore previous slides if PDF or video page

Eg dismiss button on reference page as that reference page has links to PDF or video

How to add a Back Link:

  1. If you want to add a link pointing to the previous slide in the presentation, you need open the slide where you want to add the link.

  2. Then go to “Add” and select “Back Link”. Presentation → Edit presentation → Add → Back link.

  3. You will have to choose among three options when adding a Back Link:

Back to last state

This Back Link brings the presenter back to the slide the user came from, like another multistate. Can be used for multistate reference slides or a carousel effect.

Back to last slide

This Back Link brings the presenter back to the previous slide in stead of previous multistate. This is useful e.g. when you have a slide with an overview of studies and multistates with more detailled information. If you have a dismiss button on the overview page you do not want to back to the detailled information but to previous (content) slide. While a back to last state will result into a look, this link to last slide will bring you back to the content slide you came from.

Back to last regular slide
This Back Link brings the presenter back to the previous 'regular' slide, ignoring PDF and video slides. This is helpful e.g. in the case where you have a central reference slide linking to PDF's on other slides. If you facilitate a back button from the reference slide to the content slide, this is the back link you need, as the previous two will keep looking between the PDF and the reference slide.

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