What is Add to Calendar?

Add to calendar allows users to quickly add an event with details to their calendar using a .ics file. The user downloads the file then double clicks it to be added. All major calendars like Apple and Outlook support this. Some cloud-based calendars like Google Calendar or Office365 also allow to directly add the event by clicking a link (no download needed).

How to use the feature

You can add a button Add to Calendar in the email. Open the email in the editor. Next, click and drag the calendar icon from the right to a block in the content area to add the calendar feature.

Then select the Add to Calendar block and the format menu will appear on the right side, allowing you to customize the event details, the button options, and links.

These are the event items you can define:

  • Title

  • Start Date

  • Time (Start and End)

  • Time zone

  • Description

  • Location

The recipient can add the event with event details directly to their calendar:

  • Click the 'Add to Calendar' button to download the .ics file

  • Click a link to a cloud-based calendar to add directly

Keep in mind that not all email clients support both of these options. For an easy overview, please take a look at the chart that is attached at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: we suggest you use this feature in a single row. You should not add it to a column in blocks with more than one column. This will avoid displaying errors when sending the email out.

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