For better management of items that are reused across multiple templates, ShamanGo now offers the possibility to setup Template Fragments in Veeva.

The Template Fragment is an html snippet that can be added to an Email Template. The look and feel reminds of the Email Fragments, but is different on two important points:

  • It will always automatically be added to the Email Template (it is not optional or selected by the sender)

  • It is limited to one per template.

Main use case for Template Fragments

Template Fragments are great if you have many different Email Templates, but need to maintain and control the footer (eg legal disclaimer). In case you need to update this footer, with Template Fragments you only need to update it once, instead of in all your Email templates. Because the Template Fragment will be added to the Email Template only at the time the email is sent, a single update of the Template Fragment will ensure all Email Templates sent out after that date will have the new, updated footer. This reduces both the errors and the effort spent during the creation and update processes.

How to create one:

1. Create the Template Fragment

Make sure this feature is enabled in your account. Reach out to support for more information.

  • Go to Email > Template Fragments and click 'New'

  • Fill in the Template Fragment Details

  • Go to Html editor and complete your design

  • Export the Template Fragment to Veeva Vault

2. Add template Fragment to Email Template

  • Open an Email template and go to the Html editor

  • Drag and drop the Template block from the block overview in your design

  • This will be the placeholder, the Fragment Template will be added on that position in the html once the email is sent

  • Save and go back to the Email Details Page

  • Select the Fragment Template you want to use for this Email Template Details

  • Now export the Email Template to Vault. The Template will be created or updated, including a relationship to the already created Template Fragment.


  • Template Fragments can only be added once

  • Template Fragments can only be added in Email Templates

  • Create the Template Fragment first in Vault before you add it to the Email Template

  • Creation and export are similar to Email fragments. Click here for further details.

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