Start by scheduling a Remote Meeting. Set a date and time to create a link to access the meeting, which you can send to your client.

1. Log in Shamancloud and select “Meeting”

Remote meetings can be scheduled in First log in to ShamanCloud from your computer or tablet.

Select “Meeting” from the left side menu of the homepage. This will take you to the meeting overview.

2. Overview scheduled meetings

On this page you see a list of all your scheduled meetings. Using the filter above the list to find a specific scheduled meeting.

If you want to resend the meeting invite link, just click the clipboard icon of the scheduled meeting to recopy the url, which you can then paste in an email, calendar invite or app message.

3. Create a New Meeting

Select “Schedule New” to start setting up a new online meeting.

Now you can enter the required meeting information:

Schedule a meeting

Give a name to your meeting that will help you to recognize it later. Select the date, time, and duration of the meeting. The time and duration is only an indication for yourself, it will not cause your meeting to stop sooner if you pass the time or duration selected.

If you want you add a note in the remark field for your own use; it will remain visible until the start of the meeting.

Meeting settings
Next you can select a presentation to your meeting by clicking the green “edit” icon. You can select from all approved presentations you have access to. Just click the presentation thumb to select it. You can always open another presentation during the meeting. Before you start, you are still able to change this presentation.

Next, you can decide if you want to use Shaman audio or video during the meeting. Please check the list of supported browsers. You can also decide to call the participant with your phone. Video helps to build trust and connect so try to enable that. If you want you can disable the participants to share their own webcam with you.

Ready? Click “Done” at the upper right corner of the screen to finalize scheduling the online meeting.

Now, the meeting will be added to the list of scheduled meetings on the overview page.

Good to know
You can still make changes to the scheduled meeting. Click the “Edit” icon to change the settings, click “Delete” to remove or the “clipboard” icon to access and copy the meeting URL.

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