Once your remote meeting has started you want to deliver a seamless presentation. If the client has a question, you want to be able to quickly go to the right slide. Shaman will make that very simple for you.

The Shaman navigation is designed to be flexible and easy, making the presentation interactive, and allowing you to easily access any slide they may need during the meeting. Learn more about the Meeting Canvas.

There are 3 main ways to navigate:

  • use the navigation bar below the content

  • use the navigation view (in the navigation bar)

  • use the links inside the content (added by your marketing team)

The navigation bar

Note: participants do not see this wheel

The wheel

With the wheel you can navigate to right/left, and top/down. The Shaman Meeting Canvas allows to create chapters (left-right) and have multiple slides in one chapter (down-top). The button in the middle is the back button, to back to the previous slide you showed. You can use it multiple times. Very helpful!


The marketing team/ content owners can set the home slide, usually the overview or agenda page. Simply click home to go there.

Navigation overview

This click will bring you to the Meeting Canvas overview; an overview of the entire presentation. You can scroll through the navigation view and click one slide to go back to the presentation view. Note: participants do not see this overview, they will keep seeing the last visited slide. When you select another slide, it will load for participants as well.

Top slide

This button will bring you to the first slide in the chapter where you currently are.

Progress bar

This bar will show you all the chapters in the presentation and in some way can show you your progress. You can click on every position in the progress bar to go to the first slide of that chapter.


In some cases the marketing team might add notes for you. In case a slide has notes you will see the note icon. When you click it the notes show on top of the slide.

See the navigation bar in action:

Marketing teams can add links to Shaman presentations that direct you to a different slide (or even another presentation). Click the link and the presentation will move to the destination slide immediately.

This can be very useful if you immediately need access to a specific part of the content.

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