You are ready to start the scheduled remote meeting in ShamanCloud. Just log-in to ShamanCloud, start the meeting and wait for the participants to join.

Start the scheduled remote meeting

Go to the “Meetings” menu from the homepage of ShamanCloud, then select the meeting from the list you would like to start. Click “Start” in the row of the meeting.

After this, you can still change the presentation settings. Make changes or copy the meeting URL to share it with the viewers.

Click on “Start” when you are ready to start your presentation.

Allow access to your microphone and camera
At initial set-up, If you have Shaman audio and video enabled, your browser will request access to your microphone and camera. You need to allow this in order for Shaman audio/video to work. Learn how to reset your Browser Settings.

Access to the meeting link (and meeting code)

During the meeting, you have direct access to the meeting link, in case you want to invite other people. Just scroll down and below the navigation bar, you will them. The last digits after the company name/ in the URL are the meeting code.

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