With the ShamanGo Email Editor, you can not only create HTML email for Veeva Email templates and fragments and directly sync your content to OnCore Vault. This article takes you through the process step-by-step. In this article, you can read more about the difference between email templates and fragments.

Overview of all steps

  1. Create: the email template

  2. Create: the email fragments

  3. Approve: export PDFs for approval

  4. Prepare: change status email fragment to 'ready'

  5. Prepare: Add email fragments to email template

The workflow:

1. Create an email template

To create a new email template, click on New within the ‘Email templates’ tab of the ShamanGo Email Editor.

In the next screen, you will be able to add all necessary email details (e.g. related product, subject line, email fragments you wish to add to this template).

After entering all details, click on HTML Editor at the top to create your email design and to work on the visuals of your email. Once you are finished with your design, click Done. More information on the html editor

2. Create your email fragments

To create an email fragment, click on New within the ‘Email fragments’ tab of the ShamanGo Email Editor.

Now follow the same steps mentioned above: adding email fragment details and creating the email using the email editor.

3. Export PDF to approve

When you are done you need the PDF files for both the email template and fragments for approval. To export these PDFs, go to the Details page of the email template/fragment and click Export. (When you click Edit the in overview table of the email you will go to the details page.

Here you select Export as PDF and click Export. The PDF file for approval will be sent to your email address within a few minutes.

Repeat these steps for every template/ fragment.

4. Set email fragment to ready to use

When the content is approved, you go back to ShamanGo and tick the box “Change status to ready” on the Email Details page of your fragment. Only when that box is checked, you can attach this fragment to an email template. Think of an unticked box as keeping your fragment in draft status.

5. Add email fragments to the email template

Go to the Details page of the approved email template and scroll down to add desired email fragments to your email template. Start typing the name of the email fragments to find the right fragment. You can repeat this process and add multiple fragments to an email template.

6. Export PDF files for email template

To export your email template (with or without any email fragments), go to the Details page of the Email Template and click on Export at the top. Tick the corresponding box and click Export. The files will be emailed to you. You should receive it within minutes of exporting.


- PDF file means you will receive a PDF of your email template.
- PDF file including related fragments means you will receive the email template and the email fragments used

Make sure to read our short article in which we explain in more detail what email fragments are and how they can be used.

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