Living in this digital world, more flexibility is required from marketing and sales than ever before. Remote Meetings has become an increasingly popular communications channel for companies looking to reach out to clients or medical professionals to educate them on their products and services. Remote Meetings is popular as it allows you to be more time-efficient, spend less time waiting and traveling, and offer a larger range of time slots for busy customers.

A key challenge of remote meetings is how to conduct meetings with high impact, without being present in the same room. Shaman Remote is designed to help you face this challenge.

Remote presentation from anywhere

A remote meeting allows you to present remotely, from and to any device that can connect to the internet via a supported web browser. This way, all of your Shaman (approved) presentations are ready to be presented wherever you are, either in person or remotely via a web browser.

Make a personal connection

To allow you to make a personal connection, Shaman Remote includes video chat. From several clients, we learned that when the client can see you, it makes a lot of difference in growing the relationship

Easy to connect - no plugins

Presentations start right out of ShamanCloud, which you can access from your laptop or iPad. You can create a link with a unique meeting-code and send it to the participants to join. After you start the meeting from ShamanCloud, the participants can join the meeting just by clicking the link from their laptop, tablet, or phone. No need to install a plugin.

Stay in control of the presentation

The viewers see exactly the slide you present to them, so you stay in control of the presentation. You can go to the navigation view or open notes - without them noticing. You can also access and open any of the other approved Shaman presentations you have access to.

Connect multiple participants

You can invite multiple participants, up to 4. They can join using the same meeting-code link.

Send a handout
Immediately after the meeting, you can send a handout of the materials you have presented. As a personalized online webpage or a PDF file.

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